The Wall Street Journal – Entrepreneurs Leverage Tech for Economic Inclusion

Between the never-ending stream of news linking bad actors to social networks and studies documenting society's growing smartphone addiction, it seems almost wrong today to think that technology can -- ahem -- help make the world a better place. That's why I am thankful for the annual Inclusive Innovative Challenge, hosted by MIT's Initiative on the Digital Economy. Launched in 2016, the IIC seeks out and awards entrepreneurs that are leveraging technology advances to reinvent the future of work. That's right. There remains, even in this news cycle, firms committed to tapping technology's ability to connect--and not divide--people and build--and not threaten--jobs and other economic activities...

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Europagewinner der Inclusive Innovation Challenge des Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT)

Der Inclusive Innovation Challenge Award des Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) zeichnet Unternehmen aus, die die Zukunft der Arbeit revolutionieren und angemessene Arbeitsbedingungen für ihre Arbeitnehmer erzielen. Das MIT zeichnet Mecasa für grundlegend neue Rekrutierungskonzepte und Qualitätsstandards im Bereich der 24-Stunden Pflege aus.

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