Why are we committed to live-in caregiving?

It was the experience with our own grandparents that created the desire for a different approach to caregiving. As our loved ones wanted to stay in their respective homes, places that provided a feeling of comfort and independence, we had to look for alternative solutions.

It soon became clear that we wanted to find in-home care at affordable prices. After extensive research, we realized that a lot of Eastern European caregivers were willing to work in Germany. Several months later we were overwhelmed by the positive feedback we received from our clients. This experience was a confirmation that live-in caregiving caters to the needs of elderly in a personal and compassionate way that nursing homes are not able to offer.

In addition, caregivers who are trained for individual care help patients to improve their quality of life. These new job prospects enable caregivers to find employment, which in return improves their quality of life as well. That is how mecasa came into existence, and now it successfully matches caregivers and seniors on a personal basis.

Oliver Weiss

Oliver Weiss
CEO & Client Advisor

Simon Spangenberg

Simon Spangenberg
CCO & Client Advisor

Benjamin Krill

Dr. Benjamin Krill

Jan Müntinga Mecasa Marketing

Jan Müntinga